Welcome to Coastal Dynamics 2021

Delft University of Technology and the Dutch community for coastal research welcomes you to The Netherlands for the 8th edition of the Coastal Dynamics Conference, held from 28 June until 2 July 2021.

The conference theme is “Shaping the Future of our Coasts”, and we invite scientists and practitioners from all over the world to contribute their insights and research results of how nature and humans are shaping our coasts, now and in the future.

Sand Motor

The conference will feature a special one-day session on July 1 about the Sand Motor, a large-scale nourishment on the Delfland coast in The Netherlands. After 10 years of research we present the results during Coastal Dynamics.

Conference Goals

The Coastal Dynamics conference series advances the community's understanding of coastal processes, engineering and management, spanning a variety of scales and environments including sandy, rocky and muddy coasts, inlets and estuaries.

Scientific Scope

We expect around 250 participants from all over the world. Participants are invited to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentation  on the following topics (indicate two on your abstract).

  • Coastal hydrodynamics (waves, tides and surges)
  • Coastal sediment transport (subaqueous and aeolian)
  • Estuarine processes, fine sediments and vegetation
  • Foreshore, beach and dune morphodynamics
  • Coastal observations and monitoring
  • Coastal management and risk assessments
  • Coastal nourishments and interventions
  • Long-term coastal change
  • Coasts and climate change
  • Nature-based solutions.

Conference format

Given the present COVID-19 situation, the conference will have a hybrid format to enable researchers and practitioners to attend the conference either in person or online. If the COVID-19 situation permits, we wish to encourage in person participation to maximize interactions and networking.

Registration for the conference opens January 15, 2021. You are offered a registration option for either in person or online attendance. Given uncertainties on the development of the COVID-19 situation, it is possible to change your registration format one-time, free of charge, until April 15, 2021. A second (and further) change of your registration format will be associated with a 50 euro fee per change, to cover for administration and bank transfer costs. Further announcements will follow depending on how global virus control and development proceeds.

Convened by:

TU Delft
Netherlands Centre for Coastal Research


Sand Motor